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    Melbourne’s local battery recycling specialists

    As Melbourne’s leading battery experts, we at Any Power Batteries are fully aware of the impact that old and used batteries can have on the environment. As a responsible provider of environmentally sustainable products, all our batteries can be recycled effectively in a safe and hazard-free manner.

    Looking after the environment

    As part of our environmentally friendly services, Any Power Batteries actively participates in the collection of old and used batteries to reduce the amount of scrap batteries entering our landfills. By incorporating scrap batteries for recycling, we are further decreasing the amount of raw material required to being the manufacturing process from the start.

    Correct battery disposal

    Batteries should never be disposed of amongst your household waste or left around areas where your children play. Each battery type contains hazardous materials and requires a different recycling process. This is to ensure the right materials are recovered from used batteries and the hazardous materials are disposed of correctly.

    Recycle Batteries

    Contact us today on 03 9793 8244 and stay environmentally friendly with our battery recycling services.

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